Why the name “Our FIAT”

Mary listened to the message from an angel.  She said “yes.” Jesus our savior was thus born into our world, through the power of the Holy Spirit overshadowning Mary.  With Mary’s intercession, we, the baptized, listen to the messages of the Holy Spirit to  us.  We say “yes.” And the fragrance of Jesus is born in us, going into our world today.


“Mary is the queen of my heart.  She bore me and brought me to maturity and gave me unreservedly to my people, to bring to new life by the Holy Spirit. Mary is the pure virgin accepting my Father’s will with humble devotion. Ask her for help. Her riches to bestow are unlimited.”

  • Prayer: My dear Lord Jesus,  grace me to be receptive to your Word, as was your mother, Mary. I want to do your will.  Amen.


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