Series II – 30 Weeks

Foundations of Personal Prayer
Listening & Loving in God’s Embrace

This 30-week session provides a sequence of prayer exercises for developing a more intimate relationship with God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Also included is a section on friendship in prayer with the Virgin Mary, Jesus’ mother.

Each thematic section contains two to five weeks of prayer exercises. Each week includes five Scripture passages and suggested ways of praying with them.

An excerpt from Foundations of Personal Prayer

“ Regarding personal prayer, there is a doorknob and at times it is hard to open the door and at other times it opens freely but it takes your hand and your will to grab the doorknob and turn. The mysteries of the spiritual life can be yours by opening the door to prayer.”

“Exercise: Read John 10:25-30. After reading this passage, ponder the words of Jesus that his sheep hear his voice. Talk with Jesus asking him how you can hear the Holy Spirit better.”

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Series II – 30 Weeks
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