Series I – 6 Weeks

The Sound of His Voice The Sound of His Voice
Everyday Principles for Listening to God

The Sound of His Voice is made up of reflections on how God speaks to us personally. It includes simple prayer exercises at the end of each chapter.

Fr. Michael Scanlan, TOR, popular author, conference speaker and former Franciscan University president said, “I have waited to read a book such as this. I have known the author, Carol Marquardt, for more than twenty-five years and have watched her grow in holiness, wisdom and maturity. I encourage you to read this book. Read it with an open heart and mind. If you do so, you will be better positioned to hear God and respond to his will for you.”

Carol, herself, says, “Meeting the challenges of Christian discipleship in the 21st Century would become easier for us if we sometimes stopped talking and started to listen in silence to the Holy Spirit within our own hearts.”

An excerpt from The Sound of His Voice

“How God Speaks: Let me start by telling you about my dog, Hannah. I got Hannah from a pet store when she was three months old, and she had never heard me speak. As she started living with us, however, she grew familiar with the sound of my voice. Eventually, after dog obedience school, much trial and error, and lots of growing and maturing, she became obedient to my voice. In effect, beyond daily routine, my voice directs Hannah’s life. She trusts me and obeys my voice because (dog psychologists tell me) she recognizes me as her dog pack leader. Dogs are instinctively submissive to the leader of their pack.”

“In talking about leading us as disciples, Jesus uses a similar analogy: sheep. Jesus refers to himself as a shepherd who lovingly cares for those sheep in his flock. ‘My sheep recognize my voice and they follow me.’ Implicit in recognizing his voice, of course, is hearing his voice. He speaks in many ways to us: through the Scriptures, through the Church, through teachers and leaders. But he also speaks through the Holy Spirit in our hearts.”

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Series I – 6 Weeks
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