Following Jesus’ Way

All of us living on this earth today have been given a choice between living a devout life (life in faith, honoring God) or a worldy life (life on our own, ignoring God). Baptized into Jesus death and resurrection, we are invited to place our lives entirely in his hands.  Then he can lead us on an extraordinary journey, a life filled with goodness and joy with supernatural assistance from on high. we are able to embrace the full meaning and purpose for which we individually were created, cooperating with God’s plan for the whole world.  When we place our heart, our soul, our thoughts and actions in the hands of our Savior, he transforms us and guides us in the way of peace.

  • Holy Spirit Impression

Open your heart to me.  “Status quo” is not for my children.  It is “status grow” I desire. No plant produces fruit if it stays a seed shutting out the water, the sunlight, and the food it needs. Open up, crack your shell, and send forth the tender sprout that trusts it will be provided for,  Risk and reach out, my children, try me and know I am your God, with you every step of the way.

  • Prayer: We give you thanks, O Lord, and we say “yes.”


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