Getting Started

The best approach to begin Our FIAT is to contact one of our program directors so we can assess your specific requirements and tailor the program to meet your specific needs. We are available by email at We will ask you a few questions and provide you with an approach that is right for your needs. For large groups and parishes, we can often come to your location and explain the program personally. Once you decide to begin the program, we can also provide training and support for individual group leaders.

The Sound of His Voice is the first book in a series of four and is a short, six-week program. At the end of this six-week program, your group will evaluate their progress and measure the desire to go on. Your group can stop at this point or choose to continue with the next in the series.

People find The Sound of His Voice so enriching they often elect to continue with the program, continuing to meet with their group weekly over a period of months. The three follow-up series have been made available to allow groups to continue for as long as three years. Each book in the series is self-contained so groups can continue for as long as they choose or stop after any one.

Our FIAT Program

The Our FIAT series includes:

The Sound of His Voice (Series 1) The first book allows participants to experience the program in a short six-week session. Individuals can quickly determine if this program is right for them. Group members learn the process and principles of listening to the sound of Jesus’ voice.

Foundations of Personal Prayer (Series 2) This 30-week session allows participants to develop a deeper personal relationship with the Holy Trinity and friendship with Mary resulting in a greater prayer and faith life.

Living Stones (Series 3) During this 25-week session participants become more attentive and open to God’s grace working in their individual hearts and lives that all may live out their special calling.

Walls and Bridges (Series 4) This 20-week session will allow participants to experience a deeper opening of their hearts in surrender to God’s love and healing touch.


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